3901 Dillon St
3901 Dillon Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

3901 Dillon Street will be a luxury apartment community adding to the vibrant Canton and Brewers Hill neighborhoods. The existing two-story warehouse will make way for approximately 500 apartment units.

The project will be neighborhood and amenity focused. The design features units facing directly on Dillon St, amenity areas that follow the original street grid, green lawns, pool and fitness facilities.

The Brewers Hill location will offer views of Baltimore's historic neighborhoods, downtown's towers, Port of Baltimore and on a clear day, the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Walkable amenities include the Shops at Canton Crossing, Canton Square and the Canton Waterfront Park.

The project is planned to open in 2019.

3901 Dillon Street
Leasing Contact

Doug Schmidt
443.883.8187 dschmidt@workshopdev.com

Project Information

Demographic information | 2014 Total Population
1 mile - 15,925 / 3 miles - 151,139 / 5 miles - 432,889

Median Household Income | 1 mile - $42,692
3 miles - $43,810 / 5 miles - $40,152